Wednesday, December 19, 2018

My world walk blog/ China Part 2/ blog #53

My world walk blog/ China Part 2/ blog #53

Sorry for falling behind in this blog. I delayed because I missed three or four days walking through Hong Kong and then the first week walking in mainland China. Part of the delay for getting these updates up was because I had hoped to write up the missing ones first but I never did. It's a bit hard to motivate myself to write old stuff. I have the notes so hopefully some day I will!  They are based on my Facebook posts. 

Twenty-one kilometres to the ferry port and then I discovered that my ferry to Taiwan is suspended until the following  Tuesday due to high winds. That's a five day wait. As I planned to take a few days off somewhere in Taiwan to catch up on stuff I waited for it in Pingtan. 
I had an enjoyable time waiting in a nice hotel and playing my music and having a great time! I'm also looking forward to the mouthwatering prospect of watching my team, top of the Premiership... Liverpool take on archrivals Man Utd on Sunday night. Shortly after the final whistle, around 3 am I will walk the seven kilometres to the ferry port.
China is the most difficult country I have ever travelled in. There are so many challenges to getting even the most basic tasks done. For example even the need for a VPN which unblocks blocked websites. I downloaded several VPN's before I entered the country as occasionally they decide not to work. When I get one going it sometimes crashes. Another issue is that I mysteriously have a bad internet signal or no signal at all and there is no point in calling the customer service as nobody speaks English. Another reason why VPN's sometimes don't work is because of that poor data signal. So as you see that's a catch-22 and when a VPN is fully connected I'm told it drags the effective signal strength down further. 
So I went onto the ferry companies website which is obviously in Chinese. I pressed the English translate option and it's a mess! One thing I did pick up is that it doesn't appear to be possible to book a foot passenger ticket online and someone mentioned they may not accept foot passengers. Yet when I was out at the port I was assured by two employees that its possible. I don't believe in worrying about something that may not happen, so its back to the music 😂 🎶🎤🎸🎹🎵
China is one of those places where one needs a lot of time, and of course patience and to be prepared for the unexpected. 
Having said that, I'm afraid that I do not agree with Chris De Burgh here because for peace of mind if I could, I would pay for my ferry ride before I got to the other side. This week my YouTube song of the week is his classic: Don't Pay The Ferryman 😅

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