Wednesday, October 25, 2017

18,000 kilometres walked on 
Across Europe, Asia and Australia 
Actually, that milestone is a few minutes up the road but this nice rest area at Cobrabald River arrived in time for a celebration under a shady tree 😅22 kms to Walcha. I will be there this afternoon
Thanks Tina for a great crewing job and s laugh! Don't worry about driving off with my stove I can get another one! 
Tonight after my long 42 kilometre day i dined on noodles and a can of corn. I an going to miss my coffee in the morning 😣
Yesterday 31 kms. Tomorrow I need just nine kilometres for km 18,000 😅
Thanks for the nice article Anne.
Ha ha no I didn't start my world walk from a Dublin pub! 😅I started from Run-Logic a running store owned by my mate Ash Senyk; who is an Aussie.
Tonight I am staying with Jacqui Windred's sister in-law Shelley and her husband Brian.

Gloucester and Stroud Road residents played host to Tony Mangan
Thank you Robert for your kind invitation to the Sydney St. Patrick’s Day Christmas Ball fundraiser on December 2nd
I can't wait 😅
Hi Tony,
Word has spread quickly in Sydney about your great efforts to raise Awareness for Cancer with your world walk.
Each year the Sydney St Patrick 's Day Committee holds a Christmas Ball which will take place this year on December 2nd at the Shangri La Hotel.
On behalf of our committee I’d like to invite you to be our guest at our Christmas Ball and we would love to assist with publicising your great work and efforts.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Robert Kineavy
President - Sydney St Patrick’s Day
A. QVB Post Shop, PO Box Q1168 NSW 1230