Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 12th & 13th, 2016

 April 13th, 2016

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I am walking around the world for cancer awareness. 
My message is: Life is precious, early checking saves lives.
My proposed route for the next six months as far as the Russian/Mongolian border. As in the photo the 'Google man' who estimates required walking time must be the worlds greatest endurance athlete; for he never stops to sleep, eat or talk to anyone; five km an hour non stop!
So I better get out of bed, stop being a slacker and make a start on this!
This morning I am very tired as I didn't sleep much on my first night in Poland. I followed that up with 43km on the road yesterday, and I felt it! I am camped in a forest South west of Zdroisko. As in Holland and Germany the forests are pretty bare, so it's difficult to hide, however, I have a great 'feel' for Poland; it's a safe country full of wonderful people smile emoticon
It's after noon!! So far I have had five coffees from my thermos which the friendly staff in McDonald's kindly filled up for me! So as Bob Dylan once sang... " One more cup of coffee for the road!"
Just a reminder to those that joined my walk late that I am already in possession of my Russian, Mongolian and Chinese visas! Please visit my website at
Ps finally I made it to the road at 13:50, I guess we all need one of those 'lasy days' No I did not misspell that, just trying to oblige, please see 4th picture, that's where I was camped!


April 12th, 2016

Thanks for the help Anna Bosak
She used to live in Ireland until two months ago, I didn't know her! I am meeting a lot of people who have worked in Ireland, or know someone that is. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the Poles are the largest immigrant community in Ireland, even larger than the UK?

April 9 to 11, 2016

April 11th, 2016 
Sunday: 40km. Monday 44 km.

1,133km for 37 road days!
I walked down Karl Marx Stasse, across the River Oder and into Poland, the 4th country of
Germany has been walked! Danke!
Then I walked past the disused border crossing and into a small town called Kostrzyn. After taking photos at a new countries border the first thing I always do after changing money is get a local SIM card for data, texts and calls. Sometimes that's easy as in Holland the one I selected was 'pop in an go' England I had to call Customer Service and wait six hours. In Germany a nice man and woman who worked in the petrol station where I bought it logged on to the website to activate it for me. Here in Poland a nice lady in the Statoil service station recommended one called Plus, calls, texts and 1gb of data for a little more than a euro, that sure is a bargain and simple to activate, just make a call to check balance activates smile emoticon
So, sim selection can be a bit 'hit and miss,' easy or hassle. Before I used to look for phone shops, now I usually ask in the petrol stations but they don't always know the most convenient ones. 500mb usually gets me comfortably through two weeks. The next thing I do is find out the phonetic of the word for 'Thanks ' Gin-Quia, Aleksandra
for your help, and the coffee, another friend, and now here comes Poland


April 11th, 2016
 I made a stop at the Seelower Hohen Soviet Memorial site near the Polish border.

 April 9 & 10, 2016

A huge thanks to Benjamin Kniebe, Inge and family for massive help in Berlin! I stayed three nights smile emoticon
After my rest day on Friday I walked 27km yesterday before I took the train back to them. This morning Benjamin dropped me back to my previous finishing location and then walked a little with me and his two dogs. 23km so far today, 46 to Kostrzyn, Poland!


April 6, 7 & 8th, 2016

April 6, 7 & 8th, 2016

April 8th, 2016
I had a lovely afternoon in the Irish Embassy in Berlin chatting and drinking tea with Michael Collins. He is the Irish ambassador in Germany and also there was the deputy Ambassador Denise McQuade. Thank you both very much for a pleasant time!

April 8th, 2016...cont

Today I am having my first rest day in 998 km since I left Widnes (which is near Liverpool in England) This afternoon I am humbled to meet a very important person in Berlin, please tune back later to find out who!
Yesterday when I reached the Berlin city limits I walked the 1,000th kilometre of my world walk. A little later I was met for the last three hours of my 36km day by Benjamin Kniebe my friend and host in Berlin. Benjamin was also a great supporter of my world run and even drove out several hundred km to meet me near Cologne back in July 2014. This time Berlin is also my first major destination and a chance to take stock. Benjamin has also helped with some logistical enquiries and accepted a couple of important packages. Moscow 1,700 km away will more than likely be my next rest stop. Please don't forget to check my website from time to time
I would like to thank Paul and Marja Neufeglise Meier for sponsoring my second pair of walking shoes when I walked through Nortup a couple of weeks ago!
Total for 34 road days: 1,022 kilometres.


April 7th, 2016

The first two pictures say it all. The location of the West Berlin section of the Berlin walk just outside of Potsdam. Am just about at the 1,000 kilometre mark, so a nice place to celebrate!


April 6th, 2016

6th April's total: 986 kilometres for 33road days. I am having another good day today and expect my 1,000th kilometre of this world walk to be on Thursday just before I arrive in Berlin! At the moment I am two hours away from Potsdam.
Most of my days start off slowly. I usually make many stops for coffee or tea; and talking to people as I warm up to the road ahead. As the day progresses I pick up my pace. This usually means I finish late, often well after 8:30 in the dark. It is not really a problem now that I am walking on the safe bicycle paths in Europe with a pleasing climate, obviously that can't continue but for now I am enjoying it.
I was in Germany last October and on that occasion almost everyone spoke in glowing terms of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Now I am experiencing the opposite, almost everyone I ask let's rip with a mouthful of distaste, to put it mildly towards the Times Magazines 'Person of the Year.' It seems she is loosing out heavily in the popularity stakes over the migrant/refugee crisis. In most peoples eyes, she is to blame.
There were days and especially evenings when I walked through small towns and villages, one after the other, they were almost like ghost towns, it seems in small villages that people just go to bed early, or stay inside and watch television. Most bars are closed. I walked across most of Germany and rarely saw a roadside shop outside of large towns. Though it's my favourite country of the walk, it's still pretty frustrating. Sometimes I almost felt I was walking in a sparsely populated country for I encountered more places that were open in order to find refreshments in the Iranian desert on my world run two years ago! Here, most of my meals were in Turkish Kebab shops, thank God for the immigrants! I was so grateful as so many German establishments were closed.
April 4th 42km were walked and the next day 47. I started that day from a forest just before Fishebeck and finished in another forest, eight kilometres west of Brandenburg, a major city. Most nights I pitch my tent. Previously, I was always a lazy camper, now I have been won over. Pop-up tents have finally won me over! Within about seven (relaxed) minutes after selecting my spot for the night I have my tent pitched, sleeping bag in place on my insulation mat, pillow sorted and other essentials all in place. In addition I have Karma wrapped up for the night with an old tent fly sheet. It is essential I keep her covered, not just to keep her dry, but because she is highly reflective and I don't want to draw unwanted attention to myself.
On the way that morning I stopped in a small town called Wust. I was looking for a restaurant and was directed to a primary school canteen where I was told I could buy my lunch €2:20 for potatoes carrots and meatball. Two lovely ladies served me and I also got the same for a takeaway to eat when I finish! There were about fifty young children milling about with three teachers to supervise them. I was a bit surprised that despite all that we have been reading about the enormous influx of Syrians and others nationalities that all of these children seemed to me to be German born, at least there were no dark skinned children that I noticed. In fact, other than the omnipresent Turkish community, I have seen very few Muslims in my walk across Germany, except for small groups here and there.
So far today (Wednesday) have 37 km under my feet, I will walk for a bit more and that will leave me with less than 40 to Berlin. I met a friendly Korean cyclist called Kim who is on a three month long European cycle. As always a roadside chat ensues when meeting fellow travellers.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 3rd & 4th, 2016

April 4, 2016

The hassles I had as described in my previous post also meant I had to alter my route towards my immediate destination, the home of my friend Benjamin Kniebe
in South Berlin. I more or less lost a day due to that problem, now I expect to arrive in the German capital on Thursday instead of Wednesday. I am coming up to a major North/South river called the Elbe soon. As there are only a couple of bridge crossings and I dont want to get a ferry I needed to be careful that I planned my route towards Berlin with this in mind. I have noticed that Eastern germany is not as infrastructurally sophisticated as in the west. Also many small towns, villages and building are often pretty drab. The facilities including bicycle paths are lesser here and I noticed that since I arrived in the former DDR that my mobile 3G connection is pretty poor. Thanks to Benjamin for texting me some route advice when I can't get online!
Sunday I churned out a 35 km day before settling down for the night camped in a forest. On the way I passed this signpost which was set up by an enterprising bar owner, however I did not see my start finish location of Run Logic running store listed! Ash Senyk
please get on the phone! I did take a note of the distance to Moscow, I am getting close, it's about 1,000 km to the Russian border. I am having a late brunch in a Subway restaurant in Stendal, 25km so far today. Gotta walk!


April 3, 2016

Latest: 824km about 514 miles for 29 road days.
Friday I walked another glorious 43 km mostly through a lonely national park in which I only spotted one tractor and two bicycles in 25km bliss! Before that on the way to Gifhorn, perhaps a suitably named place I passed dozens of camper vans and camper vans parked at the side of grassy verges which all had hot women at the steering wheels. The motor homes had funky lights and sound systems, obviously ladies of the day! Further on I had to keep pulling up my pants and need to look for a belt as already I have lost eight kilos since the walk began! Indeed I really did have to strip off as that day was the first really warm day since I began, I was down to my base layer.
Yesterday, Saturday my bliss became a nightmare when I got to the River Ohne and couldn't pass it as my gravel road deteriorated into a narrow dangerous track that sloped towards the river! As it was four km long I felt it was best to backtrack and at times I had to cross swampy fields. Some times my path was blocked with closures where people had dumped trees to close it. The end result was a 40 plus day was only logged as 25 km further progress in my logbook frown emoticon
On the way I passed over the old border between old west and East Germany. There were dozens I watchtowers which border guards watched for escapees to the west. I can understand how difficult it must have been to try to escape and by the end of the day I had decided that the best way was not to cross a junction at a corner as these watch towers are strategically placed. I am told now that they are use by hunters.
I write this about 7km east of Klotze at 10am having breakfast in a cafe. The waitress told me they were closing for the day! A frustrating point about travelling through Germany is the amount of places, caf├ęs, restaurants bars an shops that close early, in Ireland or the UK almost every village has something open! It's amazing that Germany has the largest economy in Europe!
I am having problems with my wifi connection so sorry for lack of photos I will update when possible. I am currently in Klotze

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