Tuesday, January 30, 2018


My first " Antipodal "

In a few days I will reach Hamulton New Zealand. I will declare that as my first " Antipodal " location for my circumnavigation of the world.  See below for further details.  Whichever way I decide to go from here I will eventually be returning to Europe from America. Starting in Gibraltar to Madrid, Spain to France to Ireland where I will finish this journey!  Depending on my route my estimated distance will be 40,000 - 50,009 km.

As on my world run I will be exceeding the minimum distance (26,232 kms) requirements of the World Runners Association ( WRA ), the governing body for world runners and walkers. Since last summer I have successfully lobbied the WRA for higher standards.

The reason for returning to Europe by way of Gibraltar is that for a  “circumnavigation of the world”  (which is a higher standard for a lap of the world ) as opposed to just 'around the world' There is an added requirement of needing to go through two  ”antipodals” which are exact opposites locations on the other side of the world.

This is not so easy to get, as most of the world’s landmass is an ocean or inaccessible territory in places like Russia or the Amazon. My Antipodals are going to be in Hamilton, New Zealand and a location on s remote highway near Cordobs, Spain.