Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 9, 2016

Europe has been walked! This is the start of Asia! A very late finish tonight , after midnight due to some interviews. I keep telling my friends not to keep arranging them, but they are not listening. 43km today.

July 8th, 2016 ASIA Here I come....

Wifi on my phone and in truck stops is appalling, sorry, I hope this is posted! Thursday 44km which included two 5km climbs of 5-8% grade. Both were covered in a little over an hour. There is shoulder all the way and when things get tight I just move over the other side. I did not find these climbs to be difficult I just bent down and leaned forward with my hands lightly against the outside of Karmas handlebars. To grip it normally has a pushing down effect with resistance. Kinda like pushing with a hand break on. So I just out my palms on the bar and "fell forward" It is a bit difficult on my calfs, but strong loose calves were always my strength. I am near the border with Kazakhstan but will take the easier, although 110 km longer route and stay in Russia. There are a lot of Kazakh, some East European an the odd German truck. I have even seen some Chinese and Mongolian in the last week.
I camped behind a truck stop and had a laugh with the staff. I can't post photos now due to the poor wifi. Today between the towns of Zlastout and Miass I walk from Europe to Asia, my distance is perhaps a days walking short of 4,500 kilometres 

Another slow progress day, only 19km so far due to a late start and lots of stops! A truck driver stopped to give me a Russian flag as I lost my previous one. Then I got to the top of a mountain pass and stopped for a late lunch/early dinner. I got talking via google translate to a man and when I asked how far to the Asia/Europe monument he said only 100 metres! As you can see the monument is just outside the grounds of the truck stop. The Russian inscription says "Asia " and on the other side "Europe"
As they have good internet here I said I would post this before leaving for Asia, here I come!

My expected traverse time is eight months, perhaps I will finish Asia on the coast near Ho Chi Minn City, Cambodia. After Australia and New Zealand I plan to return to Asia for Japan and possibly South Korea before the USA. Japan has been on my " must see " country list since I read a book about a man who walked across it and had an amazing time, that was thirty years ago! Also many of my fiercest rivals and friends from my ultra running days are Japanese =D
Talk soon, that's Europe done and dusted, now for Asia!

Ps SiffyandTor Torkildson my walking historian experts! 

Can you please help me identify above book 

July 7, 2016

Tuesday 47km Wednesday 46k
After three days in the Urals there is still no sign of serious mountains. It's just been hilly roads through forests. I have only had one real vista! The climbing is not very tough either today I started with a 3km climb and them a lot of gradual rolling hills. There was one glorious five km downhill :)
Yesterday I met two interesting German motorbikers on their way to Mongolia. They are going to fly back home with their bikes. Cost to fly each bike is 1,200 euro.
Today I stopped at a very nice diner for lunch after I saw a poster with a great lunch special for three Euro. I snapped a picture and went inside and asked for it. It consisted of the most delicious piping hot vegetable soup, beef cubes, potatoes, veg, salad, bread and tea. Then when the man there fussed over everything including moving my stuff around on the table, I thought I was going to be hit with a big bill! He even whipped off my hi-viz vest as there was a tear on the shoulder and then he sowed it! I also had a large bottle of lemonade and he gave me another one for the road! His name was Sergey and he wouldn't take payment. He was a really nice guy who even asked if I had a thermos that needed filling, and then he tried to start with some preventive maintenance on Karma! Finally he pushed a bottle of massage oil into my bag! What a nice guy.
I also got a message which I took to be a runner who wanted to shelter me in his home. This can be difficult to do, especially when communicating through Google translate. I have had a couple of time wasters who just fell by the wayside, it's the price you pay for wanting to share and be open. Though it was way off my route I agreed as I was assured I would be returned to my route in the morning. When I texted back at the end of my day I was picked up by the local tourism people and dropped off at a hotel. I can tell you, it was a disappoint as I was looking forward to sharing my walk with a fellow athlete, had I known about the hotel instead of staying in the family home I would not have agreed. Then I was asked to do some media interviews in the morning and also tours. I turned down the tours and will only do brief interviews to promote my own message of...Life is precious... Early cancer screening saves lives. I was all set to find my own hotel on the highway, as they are reasonably priced. However, inconvenient I feel I have a duty to spread this message.

July 4th, 2016

Happy 4th July to all of my American friends!
So far today I have walked 22km in the Ural Mountains as far as a town called Sim. And although it was tough going it's not as daunting as I have been led to believe! There is a shoulder. Let's see what the rest of it is like.
Yesterday I saw a snake in the shoulder, it was about five metres in front of me. It was about half a metre long, black with a yellow head an about a centimetre wide, as I approached it slittered back into the grass.
I am afraid I didn't make the final cut for the BBCs search for their most inspirational person!

However, it was such a privilege and an absolute honour when they contacted me a couple of months ago! Just to be nominated alongside so many incredible people who have devoted their lives to helping others, fighting discrimination, women's rights and for a freer and more tolerant society. After all I am just an adventurer, I am humbled to have been part of it all!
Here is part of the message the BBC sent me about just being nominated... "To put that achievement into context, Outlook has almost been running for five decades - the programme goes out every day and we run around 4 - 5 stories in each programme - and you were chosen as one of the most inspirational people on our show."
Thank you so much, for your support, I enjoyed the experience immensely. and I wish all of the remaining nominees the very best of luck =D
If you haven't heard my interview please click on the link below and press the play button.

24km so far today. The Urals so far are just short leg sapping climbs 1-2km and a plateau and down again. So far there is a shoulder. Wifi signal is very poor! Am doing well. It's hot, about 30C. Just had a great chat with two German motorbikers on their way to Mongolia. The came up through Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan where it's a sweltering 45C. They will fly their bikes home from Mongolia, 1,200 euro.

July 3, 2016

My first sight of the Urals

July 2, 2016

An early start to a glorious sunny Saturday morning! I had one kilometre walked before 6am!! What happened to me? Well, last night I finished after midnight having salvaged only 38 km for my tough walk through Ufa. There was no place to camp and didn't feel safe on the road as traffic was still heavy. I rounded a bend and was very surprised to see a petrol station in a small village. However, it was closed and nobody to ask permission, what to do! So I just popped up my pop-up tent on a patch of grass at the side and got inside. I figured I would be packed up in 15 minutes if I was asked to leave! In the morning the security guard who was very nice and curious about my walk apologised and said it was forbidden for me to camp there and that he was very sorry but I had to move on. Last night I didn't sleep much as I was following Wales great Euro 2016 win over Belgium on the BBC website! My friend Rosie Swale Pope who is from Tenby, Wales was very excited too and she was watching the first half while waiting for her bus in Arizona to continue her run across America after a short break back home. I am sure she was a tad bit disappointed when her bus came along before the end of the game. So, when I texted her that the gallant dragons won 3-1 I almost heard her cheer here in Russia =D She tells me she is on the lookout for a pub in the Arizona desert to watch the semi-final on Wednesday =D
I am hoping for a Wales v Iceland final! Like me Rosie also has a cancer awareness message for her run. Life is precious - early cancer screening saves lives, it's time for me to put my sun screen on.
Thanks to Ramilya Shagatova the lady in the photo for walking with me through much of the centre of Ufa yesterday. She is an English language teacher and even though she was busy preparing for her driving test she still stopped me to help when I was looking for mosquito spray, as the pests are biting hard! She says she is 45 and driving is a big step for her, she also wants to travel but has never been outside of Russia. She is my latest victim and yet again I had my ongoing offer of a walk to Mongolia refused :( This time it was only because she has two children and a husband waiting at home. Yes, that's all and I told her to take them along and we can all have a big picnic! Perhaps In future should make my offer easier by suggesting " only as far as Asia " as it's only less than 300 km away :)
On the way Through the city I was startled when a horse passed me in a city park, but I think it was for hire, an attraction. Below is my current location, however km 2 has taken an hour as I stopped to make coffee in the glorious sunshine and so to make this post! Have a great weekend my friends, I know I will, I am loving the road!



July 1, 2016

I am on the outskirts of Ufa. I will stop for lunch soon and escape this madness as soon as possible! Yesterday 49 km. total for 107 road days 4,150 kilometres.

June 30th, 2016

I stopped at a bus shelter to make some porridge. As the brand was so plain I bought a huge jar of apricot jam to flavour it, however I couldn't open the jar! A few km back I found a phone on the side of the road and planned to hand it in at the next truck stop. Just then this man stopped and asked if I had seen a phone! It was a joy to see the look on his face and the only reward I would take was for him to open my jar of jam with his can opener on his Swiss Army knife! =D
Meanwhile I am having yet another slow start to my day as it's 14:40 and only 13k have been walked, as always I am a second half performer!
I have also taken to singing on the road! I figure with all this time that if I was a snooker or darts player and practising all those hours I would be good and I thought long and hard about what use I can put to these long hours! However it's not working out and the crows fly away, people are scared and run away or move away from me :( But as my great friend Rosie Swale Pope said to me in a message that when she ran across Russia it kept the bears away! So for me to hit the right notes I have to walk longer and longer days 

Thursday, 30th I walked 49km and finished 12km from Ufa. I finished after midnight, A long day, 2:20 am and I am settling down to sleep in my cosy tent =D
The nights are nice and mild, I don't use my sleeping bag anymore, just my thin bivy. Perhaps that will change in the mountains next week! Update: 4,150 km for 107 road days  

June 30, 2016

The forest has been left behind. Now just endless fields of grain and grass with just small clusters of trees. Some times I talk to the farm workers and anyone that wants to have a baby talk chat! No doubt forestry will be back again. For now I am walking on a very busy two lane highway and mostly in the gravel. Asia and the Ural Mountains are getting closer. Thanks to Samir who saw me being refused camping on the grass behind the petrol station in Kushnarenkovo. This was my first such refusal in all of Russia. He kindly offered me a bed. He drove and I walked to his family home and even if it was 1.5km (there and then again back in the morning) and off my route after a 47 km day I very much appreciate it, Spacibo my friend. Earlier in the evening a nice lady who worked in the supermarket and I had been using my google translate on; well she came back with her husband after closing time. I had been having a laugh with her asking her to walk to Mongolia but not to tell her husband as he will kill me and she will be sad! When they returned they also offered me a place but it was just too far and I had to decline :( Not sure if he kept an axe handy! What a nice town! Yes I know, I am in a sad way, but having such fun! Please see a sample of my google translate messages in photo comments!


June 29, 2016

Blog by Руслан Нуртдинов

Вчера на пути следования в город Набережные Челны (Республика Татарстан) заметил человека с коляской, который шёл по обочине. Сегодня по дороге из Верхнеяркеево в Уфу по трассе М7 снова встретил данного товарища. Остановился. Им оказался ирландский сверхмарафонец Tony Mangan, который совершает кругосветное путешествие. Пожелал ему успехов и угостил клубникой. Для сведения:
59-летний житель Дублина получил всемирную известность благодаря тому, что в период с 2010 по 2014 годы совершил путешествие бегом вокруг Земли, преодолев более 50 тысяч километров за 1620 дней. Кроме того, ирландец является обладателем 10 личных рекордов и двух действующих мировых.

Yesterday on the route in the city of naberezhnye chelny (Republic of tatarstan) noticed a man with a pram, who was walking on the side of the road. Today, on the road from verkhneyarkeyevo in ufa on m7 highway again met the comrade. Stopped. They turned out to be an Irish sverkhmarafonets Tony Mangan who commits a trip around the world. Wished him success and bought strawberries. For the attention of:
59-Year-old resident of Dublin received worldwide fame due to the fact that, in the period from 2010 to 2014 years to go on a voyage around the earth, breaking the more than 50 thousand miles for 1620 days. In addition, the Irishman is the owner of the 10 personal records and the two existing world.


Thanks to Samir who saw me being refused camping on the grass behind the petrol station in Kushnarenkovo. This was my first such refusal. He took me to his home and even if it was 1.5km (there and then again back in the morning) and off my route after a 47 km day I very much appreciate it, Spacibo my friend.

June 28, 2016

46 km today! Total for 104 road days is 4,012 :)
I crossed into another Somethingstan state and advanced another two hours (gmt + 4 hours) Yippee! It will be bright now until almost 11pm! I hope I can get up in the morning as it's after 1am. Perhaps while the sun shines long and hard it's time to make hay with some lovely kilometre lollies as my mate Terry Cleary in Darwin would say! My Russian friends probably think there is something wrong with their google translate after that last sentence.. Ha ha :)
I am a bit surprised I haven't seen any snakes, dead or alive on this side of Moscow. Tonight I am at km 1,194 east of Moscow. This last week the internet signal has become weaker. Tonight I can't upload pictures or even load my map.

A very late start today! This is my current location. The monument at the Europe/ Asia border is located between Zlatoust and Miass. So I am about 450 kilometres or 10 or 11 road days away from completing Europe and starting my walk across Asia 

June 27, 2016

Latest 3,966 km for 103 road days.
There has not been a lot to report these last couple of days, except it's starting to get hot, very hot and my tent is like an oven by 8:30, yes it would make sense to start earlier. On the road it's around 27C, and I am managing well, am glad I got my haircut!
Friday 44, Saturday 48 and today, Sunday 41km. A lot of nice people stopped to say hi on the road today.
This state, Tatarstan is the 4th richest in all of Russia and has the worst roads so far!
Islam is the dominant religion, but you would never know as few women wear headscarfs and mosques are low key. Christians and Muslims live, socialise side by side in total harmony. They are proud of the successful integration of all faiths. Not really sure how the the presumptive Donald Duck in America would be able to determine who is who as almost all have non typical Islamic names. It is great to see people on both sides of the divide form friendships and relationships.

This is my location tonight. I am at km 1,148 east of Moscow. Tomorrow on the four month anniversary I walk my 4,000th km.
Many thanks to Dolores Doyle for her very generous sponsorship of a couple of weeks walking in Russia :) I am totally unsponsored, so sponsors for a day, hotel night etc are always welcome. Please see the PayPal link, you don't need a PayPal account, just a bank card, thank you!

June 26,2016

Sunday 41km, a lot of nice people stopped to say hi on the road today. This is my location tonight. I am at km 1,148 east of Moscow. Tomorrow on the four month anniversary I walk my 4,000th km.

June 23,2016

Tony Mangan Friday 46km. I walked until 10:30pm and found a nice hotel, had dinner, breakfast and a laugh with the staff. Saturday 11 am I am about to start walking.

Post By Shan Bags  June 22, 2016

Tony Mangan,Irish man WALKING around the world for the 3rd time visits our school in Tatarstan,Russia.👍