Wednesday, December 19, 2018

My world walk blog/ China Part 2/ blog #48

My world walk blog/ China Part 2/ blog #48

Confusing Confucius
I set myself up for a 28-kilometre day in the land of Confucius with a delicious omelette. That's always a tasty culinary change in China. Did Mr C really say that it doesn't matter how slowly you move as long as you don't stop? I know that some of my running friends are now wondering if he was the first tea running coach in history.  Well, I'm guilty on both counts and I'm a slow eater too.
My order was for a four-egg omelette and when the proprietor brought me a one-egg one out I wondered if he was going to bring me out three more and charge me for four breakfasts. Lol, Ah the joys of trying to communicate! It transpired he wanted to check if that's what I had in mind and with a big smiley nod of my head I said it was and I got the rest of my meal on a plate with another plate of lettuce. All that and a mug of boiling water to make my own coffee for a little more than a Euro, or a dollar and a half. As I tackled it I remembered that I recently read a ridiculous article about how a Shanghai fashion awards show was cancelled. It seemed that some Chinese celebrities were offended and screaming racism as the fashion company shot a promo video with people eating pizza and spaghetti with chopsticks! Not sure what they would say of me tackling my omelette with my sticks and I sure hope they didn't see my video of playing the drums with my chopsticks.
Another tough day and for the third day running I had to walk extra distance due to the unforeseen obstacle. No, I'm not whining, just informing! 

This time after meandering along route 201 it suddenly disappeared 😂 Well, actually it was closed for roadworks with a detour onto the much longer route 324. Then I ended up taking some minor roads and actually enjoyed the day feeling light-hearted and even forgave many drivers for their utter rudeness! "Ah, sir you have an important job keeping China moving... Me? I'm just on a walkabout so let me get out of your way 😂 What did my mate Confucius say? " There is beauty in everything, but some people just don't see it." Ah, come back you beautiful pot-bellied rickshaw driver that ran over my water bottle, all is forgiven and I want to give you a massive hug 😂

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