Wednesday, December 19, 2018

My world walk blog/ China Part 2/ blog #47

My world walk blog/ China Part 2/ blog #47

Thirty-one kilometres and I was going to walk on a bit more but it seemed pointless as the next town was focusing on is a similar distance away. Besides Google Maps suggests exciting the main road very soon for a smaller country road. Obviously not knowing that road which could be narrow, dangerous and busy it would perhaps be silly making a start on it with less than an hours daylight 
Thirty kilometres is a nice walking distance as one can still make good monthly progress and at the same time, an early start with a good steady effort on the road and the walker can effectively have a half day. 
Currently, I'm having a great chat with these lads in a convenience store. I went in for a snack and they invited me over to their table when I said I was going to pitch my tent on some grass outside. Thanks to the lads for this great hospitality. Then they invited me to tuck into some delicious food and bevvies. It seems to be a celebration of sorts. I don't drink much but occasionally I let my hair down. In the latter years of my competitive career, I didn't bother and also for my entire world run. Now it's nice to just have the occasional one!

I'm always told that I wear my heart too much on my sleeve. Well I ripped my sleeve off so it's time for a new direction and a new shirt 😂

"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!" The incredible hulk after the road rage 😂

Two leisurely back-to-back 25 kilometre days since my last update. At that time I mentioned that I camped beside a cluster of shops in a kinda small industrial estate off the highway. When I awoke I got talking to a man called Wang who works for a tree and flower nursery factory and he was so good offering me hot water for my coffee and water to go. When he asked if I needed anything else I said "A shower!" And my wish was granted! That night I found a hotel near Chenyu and yet again as mentioned umpteen times... 'Always ask for a cheaper room than quoted..' I was not going to take a room for twenty euro but they had a secondary hotel next door and it was half price, all be it more basic. But I don't need much to keep me happy! 

A lazy Saturday morning with many stops including getting my wheel straightened and five spokes replaced. This is an ongoing issue as I seem to have to get it done now every six or seven weeks. Remember these carts are not designed for hauling lots of gear and the like, they are for intended for pushing children. I don't think the rims are very strong either. I'm just going to keep it going until I get to America and I will be able to get two new wheels much cheaper there than having them shipped out to me. The guy that did the repairs bless him spent about forty minutes and there was no way he would take money or even a soft drink! I will give his money to the next person I meet that looks like they need it. 

I walked on, December 1, happy birthday to my sister Ann Salmon 💚🌷 Have you seen the surprise video I posted for her in my last post? 

I walked through a couple of towns and didn't find anywhere to sleep as its tough sometimes trying to decipher what's what with so much Chinese scripted signage. To illustrate this let's just say if, for example, I am looking for a dressmaker to add pockets or whatever to a new shirt that all the signage in the world proclaiming that local Chinese dressmaker even if they are world record-holders, or do work for David Beckham, Ivanka Trump or whoever. That's no good to me if I don't see a sewing machine in the environs of their shop!!!

So I walked on further and got to a restaurant near Dongfuzhen and went inside for a beverage at around eight pm. I was going to walk on further but what the heck. The foyer will be a good spot to lay my air mattress. See the last photo. It's a nice mild evening, today was pretty warm.

26,709 kilomeI'mes for 774 road days.
And you know what I'm gonna say??
Life is precious and early cancer screening saves lives.

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