Wednesday, December 19, 2018

My world walk blog/ China Part 2/ blog #45

My world walk blog/ China Part 2/ blog #45

Thanksgiving Thursday I walked a solid 35 kilometres and finished in a residential area called Zhaiyicun. Passing by a school just as the children were getting out I found myself surrounded by dozens of students on bicycles and bedlam ensued when they cycled up the wrong way of a dual carriageway with me once again playing pied piper. You may have seen the videos earlier. Here are the photos. Finally managed to walk out of their range and towards a large spread out city called Jieyang. Going down one avenue it looked like I was walking towards a tunnel but it was a small forest of trees with long branches spread across the avenue. I laughed when I saw a man strap a heavy washing machine on to the back of his 125cc motorcycle, see photos. Earlier I saw a child seat with a child attached to the handlebars of a motorcycle. I was too slow to photograph this.

Eventually,  I  made my way through the city and found a hotel with a huge room for ten Euro equivalent.
26,450 kilometres for 766 road days.
PS my Spot tracker device didn't update today. Anyone who wants to see my tracked locations please click on the orange Spot link on my
Please remember that early cancer screening saves lives.

Black Friday, 31 kilometres. Sunny Saturday 36. Today, Slothy Sunday zero kilometres. I did what I sometimes do when I find a nice comfortable place - as I did just south of Qiandong on Chinas national route G234... I did nothing, nada, zilch and just ate pot noodles. 
Omg I would walk a long way for lovely big steak, or a tasty serving of fish n chips or even a bag of Tayto, Yum Yum 😂
I enjoyed every moment listening to my Spotify music and also a few podcasts 😂 
It was an inspired decision as later in the day it rained!

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