Monday, February 4, 2019

My world walk blog - The Philippines #5

My world walk blog - The Philippines #5

The Philippines #5

Based on my Facebook posts. Please read up from #1 to here.

Francis shouted out that there was a snake on the ground just in fromt of me! Charmer that I am, at least snake charmer I picked it up. It was a non-venemous dead Hanlulukay snake. We shot a fun video. We walked along with Francis carrying the snake. When we stopped for lunch at a trendy restaurant he left it on a counter top much to the startled surprise of a customer. 😂
That day we covered 28 kilometres and when we got to Balambam I stepped into  the sea to compete our walk across the Philippines from east to west. There we were greatly helped by Francis's friend Peter who kindly put us up for the night in his lovely house. Thanks a million Peter and also to his son Darien for picking us up on his motorcycle and taking us to their house. 
We stayed there that night and were thankful for the great hospitality, laundry and the following morning for a lift back to Cebu from one of Peters friends.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my host, walking companion and friend Francis Cosgrave. Also to his wife Nida and their three children. Teenage daughter Norlisa who is a beautiful choir singer. I enjoyed meeting the family and telling them many travel, running and walking yarns. Thanks also to their two young sons who are both talented runners called Anthony and Tony! Yes, they found a novel way to name both of their two sons after Francis's father Tony! So good they honoured him twice!

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