Monday, February 4, 2019

My world walk blog - The Philippines #1

My world walk blog - The Philippines #1

The Philippines #1

I made my way to Taipei airport for my flight to Cubu in the Philippines.
As I made a late decision to walk a token island there and that was only to meet up with an Irish hill running friend called Francis Cosgrave. He lives there now. Many years ago we raced each other a couple of times in the Wicklow mountains in Ireland.
That first Friday in Cebu, Philippines we visited an indigenous community who are known as the Bajau Sea Gypsies. They are sea-dwelling people who live by the sea in houseboats or ramshackle seaside dwellings.
These days Francis is a missionary in the area and has done a lot of good work with them. He set up the mission many years ago. I got permission to shoot some photograph and to post them as the community wants to highlight their plight of what seems like government indifference. Many of the photos were distressing and transmit much hopelessness while other people and children were smiling bravely. 

The next day I begun my walk across Cebu, Philippines from a port and only walked 12 kilometres as it was a late start. I was delighted when Francis said he would accompany me His mate Miguel came along and did support on his motorcycle that first day 
Our route across the island was only 50 kilometres which could be done in one day. We had decided upon two easy half days and a full day. 

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